Our Interior Design Consultants lies firmly in the field of food service and leisure. We work as informed partners with our clients, providing them with a potent combination of creative vision, expert and honest consultancy and technical excellence.Everything we do pivots on our awareness of the business realities that our clients face. In a world where so much interior design is based on creativity alone, our business wisdom and realism can come as a refreshing change.

Our Green Design Consultant,provide a professional advise to let our customer go green with a lifestyle.whenever possible, sustainable materials such as green material which are continuously replanted and applies paints and finishes with ISO levels which are in compliance with or exceed the latest guidelines. These requirements are utilized for both renovations and new construction.

Our Design and Build Consultant is based in Hong Kong.We provide consultancy services in various fields of Engineering and Architectural Design and Planning.We also undertake Civil Construction and Monitoring of Civil Works undertaken by various Government Departments in different States.

Our professional energy consultant provides bespoke advisory services helping your business reduce its energy costs, and save money. We develop appropriate and timely energy management strategies that will positively impact your bottom-line, without sacrificing end-user/customer comfort.

Our Ventilation Consultants are one of the professional to offer service for the catering industry,to provide independent advice focusing on commercial kitchen ventilation solutions.Our background in the foodservice equipment industry gives us a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities in providing ventilation consultancy for all types of catering establishments in the Hong Kong.

Our Fire Service Consultant is always there for the prospective services to their clients. Our service is widely. Backed by the team of professionals who have very large experience of dealing with the best features and by using the special tools they can make use of effective modern tools to deal with or accomplish their service. Several number of fire accidents are also seen to completely sort out with our expert audience and services. Our fire consultants would be there to provide you the services in economic prices.

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